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Electoral roll

All individuals must be included in the electoral roll in order to be allowed to vote.

Electoral rolls are compiled before each election and contain only the people who have the right to vote in the election concerned.
When more than one election is held at the same time, the electoral roll is common to all elections. An electoral roll is drawn up for each electoral district and used in the relevant polling stations.

Anyone who considers that the electoral roll contains incorrect information regarding themselves must apply in writing in order to have it rectified. The request must be received by the County Administrative Board not later than 12 days before Election Day.

Swedish citizens who have emigrated (Swedes living abroad) are included in the electoral roll if they have emigrated within the last ten years or if they have applied to the Swedish Tax Agency not later than 30 days before Election Day to be included in the electoral roll. Application is made by sending address details to the Swedish Tax Agency. There is a special form for Swedes living abroad who wish to apply to be included in an electoral roll.

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