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Publicerad: 5 February 2020

Election administration

Various authorities and agents play a role and maintain responsibility for carrying out elections.

Swedish Election Authority

The Swedish Election Authority is responsible for planning and coordinating the implementation of elections and referenda.

The county administrative boards

The country administrative board is a regional election authority. The county administrative board decides upon electoral districts, for example, and carries out the final tally in all elections as well as distributes mandates in elections to municipal and county council delegates.

County administrative boardsexternal link

Electoral offices in the municipalities

The electoral office in every municipality is the local election authority. The election authority is responsible for the collection of votes from every location where voters can vote, as well as for carrying out a preliminary tally of votes.

Municipal electoral officesexternal link

Election Review Board

The election review board tries appeals and makes decisions.

Election Review Boardexternal link

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